Penis Size and Testosterone

Despite the fact that a lot of ladies acknowledge that penis size is not generally among the most essential characteristics they search for in a guy, this subject continues to be a fascination for lots of guys – and not simply those whose penis size may be thought about on the smaller sized side of things. Numerous guys with completely decent-sized members still want more, either in length, girth or both. It’s popular that ability and penis health are more vital in useful terms, obviously; however something in the makeup of numerous males longs for a physical indication that they are incredibly virile. Which frequently causes efforts, such as raising testosterone levels, in a mission to accomplish a bigger penis size.

However does testosterone in fact make a person’s penis larger? A web search will show up short articles – some from reputable papers – about males who did utilize testosterone to accomplish penile development. However these posts feature a catch.


The majority of the time, reports that claim something along the lines of a male doubling his penis size using testosterone are misguiding. They’re not always incorrect – frequently the guy in concern has actually certainly seen his penis end up being bigger. However they offer the incorrect hope that any male who desires a larger plan can get it simply by raising his T levels.

Generally, reports of a male’s penis expanding due to testosterone include a case where the individual in concern experienced a condition referred to as hypogonadism, which took place early in life. Hypogonadism generally is a shortage of testosterone. When it happens prior to or throughout the age of puberty, it has the result of lessening a male’s sexual advancement. Without adequate testosterone, a young boy will see little or no advancement in regards to development of facial and pubic hair, lowering of the voice, and development of the testes and penis.

In severe cases, a grown guy might have a penis that is basically the size of a pre-pubescent young boy’s. Oftentimes, having testosterone supplements over a prolonged amount of time – in some cases months or years – will fix this. In such cases, a grown guy might certainly have the size of his penis double, simply as he would have if his testosterone had actually begun throughout adolescence.

Normal guys

Nevertheless, there appears to be no genuine proof that a male who has actually effectively gone through the age of puberty without any hypogonadism-related concerns would see a boost in penis size from testosterone treatment. Likewise, although some guys do obtain hypogonadism post-puberty, the issues normally related to it (low libido, impotence, decline in muscle and bone mass, and so on) do not usually have an effect on penis size. When recommended by a well-informed doctor, testosterone treatment can have an effect on these adult signs, however not on penis size.

Some guys might wish to explore testosterone treatment anyhow, regardless of the absence of proof for its result on penis size. Nevertheless, there is debate worrying possible long-lasting impacts of testosterone supplements. Many doctors recommend utilizing it under a physician’s care to deal with genuine problems (such as impotence) rather.

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